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3.5 Year Update

Brady Walker Anderson... where do I even begin bubba? I wish I could go back and repeat the day I got to hold you for the very first time. You made me a mom,  but even more you made me grow up. To say the last 3.5 years have been a growing season for us BOTH is an understatement. 

I look back on your first year and I remember thinking you were the easiest baby ever. And you really were. You had such a sweet temperament and never put us through those sleepless night like many talk about. But BOY OH BOY did you make up for it in year two. I refuse to call them the "terrific" twos. There was NOTHING terrific about year two. The tantrums coupled with your advanced speech made year two insane. Real talk... if Blakely hadn't been an unplanned pregnancy you would most definitely NOT have a sibling right now. Mama's nerves were way too shot. It took every ounce of patience for daddy and I to come out on the other end of year two. 

Year three has been such a year of development and growth for all of us. We have added a sweet sister and watching you with her has simply been the best. You are also officially potty trained and can get yourself dressed for the most part. You are able to buckle yourself in the car (with a double check from us) and you are clearing your spot at the table and cleaning up behind yourself after playing. You are able to play outside all by yourself and you do such a great job of keeping yourself entertained by building with your legos, train tracks, or Lincoln Logs. You can count to 25 with only missing a number here or there. You know all your letters and are currently working on writing the letters in your name. 

You are ALL boy and I have all the pictures to show it....

3.5 Year Old Stats:

Weight: 30 lbs
Height: 3 feet exactly
(3 is clearly your number)

Monster Trucks
Paw Patrol
Building things
Any type of truck or construction vehicle 
Puzzles and board games

When Blakely goes after your toys
Quiet/Nap time
Getting your picture taken

Summer 2017 in Review

9 & 10 Months

It's mama again... just another 2 months late with the updates. We are enjoying a "snow-in" so I am about to blast the blog with six months worth of posts I've been planning to put up... hopefully before these kids head to college. 

Blakely, you are right at ten months old and we can't get over how many milestones you hit this year. A few of your biggest accomplishments the last two months include:

Waving hi and bye-bye
Crawling like a pro
Standing up and shuffling down the sofa
Saying "da-da", "hi", "bu" (which is either bubba for Brady or bottle), and "huh"
Pointing when you want something

Feeding yourself 
Putting EVERYTHING in your mouth
When mom or dad walk in the room
Sneaking Brady's toys 
Being held on mama's hip all. day. long.
Bath time

Being told "no"
Having your face wiped

Christmas PHOTOS 2017