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Blakely is ONE

How has this day come so quickly?  I have no idea. My sweet Blakely Elise, you are one whole year old. The day I met you I just knew we would be best friends for ever. Though I mourn the days of your fresh newborn smell and tiny fingers and toes I am so greatly looking forward to watching you become a young lady. Another shopping buddy to add to my crew. Another girlfriend to get my nails done with. But most importantly another sister in Christ as I pray you will grow to be a spirit filled woman. Though you are only one I sense great things coming from your joyful demeanor. We love you scooter! Happy FIRST birthday!

For Blakely's birthday photos I wanted to skip the traditional tutu and monogrammed onesie. Though I think those photos are absolutely adorable, I really wanted something classic and that captured what I see everyday as I watch Blakely move through her world. Between her dark hair and fair skin RED is most definitely her color. Her outdoor outfit is from Bailey's Blossoms. The pop of the greenery against that deep red is too die for!

I snuck into a few of Brady's first birthday photos a few years back and they are some of my favorites (aka our only) photos of us. I have learned that as a mom you are usually the one holding the camera versus being in front of it. So for Blake's I knew I wanted to sneak into these as well. We are doing a Pancake and Pajama themed birthday party so to tie it in we did a lifestyle baking shoot. Blake had a blast! I mean who doesn't LOVE pancakes?!

And conveniently my bestie, who is also our photographer, has a gorgeous farmhouse sink... so naturally Blakely took a bath in it. This, my friends, is what true bliss and happiness looks like. 


THANK YOU Kristin Dustman Photography for always capturing our life's most precious moments! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL.  Love you forever! 

(And yes I know you are going to kill me for this last one when you are 14, but those rolls are my absolute fav.) 

3.5 Year Update

Brady Walker Anderson... where do I even begin bubba? I wish I could go back and repeat the day I got to hold you for the very first time. You made me a mom,  but even more you made me grow up. To say the last 3.5 years have been a growing season for us BOTH is an understatement. 

I look back on your first year and I remember thinking you were the easiest baby ever. And you really were. You had such a sweet temperament and never put us through those sleepless night like many talk about. But BOY OH BOY did you make up for it in year two. I refuse to call them the "terrific" twos. There was NOTHING terrific about year two. The tantrums coupled with your advanced speech made year two insane. Real talk... if Blakely hadn't been an unplanned pregnancy you would most definitely NOT have a sibling right now. Mama's nerves were way too shot. It took every ounce of patience for daddy and I to come out on the other end of year two. 

Year three has been such a year of development and growth for all of us. We have added a sweet sister and watching you with her has simply been the best. You are also officially potty trained and can get yourself dressed for the most part. You are able to buckle yourself in the car (with a double check from us) and you are clearing your spot at the table and cleaning up behind yourself after playing. You are able to play outside all by yourself and you do such a great job of keeping yourself entertained by building with your legos, train tracks, or Lincoln Logs. You can count to 25 with only missing a number here or there. You know all your letters and are currently working on writing the letters in your name. 

You are ALL boy and I have all the pictures to show it....

3.5 Year Old Stats:

Weight: 30 lbs
Height: 3 feet exactly
(3 is clearly your number)

Monster Trucks
Paw Patrol
Building things
Any type of truck or construction vehicle 
Puzzles and board games

When Blakely goes after your toys
Quiet/Nap time
Getting your picture taken

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